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Sparkular Titanium Granules 45/50g

Model: Sparkular Mini (BT06) Usable for: Medium/Large Mode: Sparkular Mini Fall (BT13) Usable for: Medium/Large

Sparkular Titanium Granules 200g

Model: Sparkular Regular (BT01) Usable for: Small/Medium/Large Model: Sparkular Fall (BT04) Usable for: Small/Medium/Large/Large1 Model: Sparkular Triple (BT51) Usable for: Small/Medium/Large Model: Sparkular Cyclone (BT61) Usable for: Small/Medium/Large/Large1/Large2/Large3

Other Smoke Effect Fluids

Model: Co2 Effect Effect: Vertical Smoke Effect Capacity: 5L Model: Short Smoke Fluid Effect: Short Lasting Smoke Capacity: 5L Model: Long Smoke Fluid Effect: Long Lasting Smoke Capacity: 5L

Regular Smoke Effect Fluid

Model: Green Star Smoke Fluid Effect: Solid Smoke Usable for: All Smoke Machines Capacity: 5L

Flame Fluids

Model: Isopar G Effect: Yellow Flame with Smoke Capacity: 25L Model: CCF Effect: Yellow Flame without Smoke Capacity: 25L  


The Sparkular is a non-pyrotechnic machine which uses titanium composite granulate to create stunning and impressive

spark fountains that can reach up to 10 meters in height! If you’re looking for adjustable spark fountains or even

waterfalls, the Sparkular is the perfect product for you. The machine is very user friendly and doesn’t require a license.

A non-pyrotechnic fire proof spark fountain display The ability to control duration, height​ and density on the larger Sparkular units 100% license-free​ Easy to operate through DMX connection No Smell and almost no smoke or emissions